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The bagging of dry mortars and cement-based building products can be considered one of the most smashing Concetti Group achievements: over the last few years, our Company has in fact given to numerous Clients the possibility to change from pre-made valve bags to PE bags obtained from a tubular reel, preventing their batches to suffer any leakage and ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for the operators, while still ensuring a nicely pillow-shaped bag and a very stable pallet.
It is a successful “packaging revolution” that the Concetti Group didn’t miss a chance to promote and lead.

Thanks to our special auger feeding system, produced with a higher thickness and anti-abrasive coating to guarantee a longer durability and effectiveness, these products, often a blend of cement, little stones, gravel and sand, are fed to our one or two net weighers (NET/CC) and from there into the bag-holder of our Continua FFS machine.

In this type of machine, along with the usual vibration devices and option for corner sealing to improve the products distribution inside the bag, we find the Concetti Group patented handle-maker device, capable of creating one or two handles on the bag short sides to allow a better transportation and manipulation of the bag.

The full bags, ranging from 10 to 40 kg, are conveyed and treated along the way thanks to some specific Concetti Group vibrating and pressing devices to the palletising unit;
For this family of product, the ideal choice is a fed-from-above palletiser (PS-AA/30S) complete with bag flatting units and bag orientating device.

For the Clients who need to stick with flat or gusseted open-mouth paper bags, the Concetti Group solution for concrete premixes and dry mortars isn’t less brilliant: our IMF bagging machine class can work bags ranging from 5 to 20 kg, featuring several different closing systems and remarkable capacities, even if the use de-aeration probes is required.

The final result of this innovative packaging process has turned out to be so brilliant that some world-leading industrial Groups like Ameren, Hanson, Remix and Draco have decided to add a combination  of several Concetti Group automatic bagging lines to their production process, enjoying the advantages of a top-level technology and the possibility to work in a cleaner and tidier environment.

Ensacadoras FFS
Ensacadoras FFS

Ensacadoras FFS
Gross weigher with dosing augers with cut-off valve handles
Instalacion de enscado ffs y paletizado
Riempitrice big bag
Sac FFS avec poignees

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The Concetti Group is present in over 46 countries with a network of qualified agents who can offer customers the assistance they need for studying appropriate production solutions, technical support, personnel training and the supply of spare parts.



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