Concetti have now enhanced their product range for the fertilizer industry with a new high speed robot palletizer featuring a full stainless steel gripper that picks up two bags at a time from the service roller conveyor and places them at a point assigned by the program on the pallet, reaching a production output of up to 1.600 bags/h.

The Concetti Group have a long reference list of successful packing lines for chemical and organic fertilizers, ranging from free flowing granules  - e.g. NPK, urea, phosphates, ammonium sulphate etc. etc. -  to powdery fertilizers with particular size ranging from a few dozens microns to some tenths of centimetre.

Concetti propose turn-key packaging lines based on either FFS or open-mouth bag technology.

Fed by one gravity net weigher, the Concetti FFS-E class of Form Fill Seal machines is particularly suited for bagging fertilizers in pack sizes ranging from 10 to 50 kg, made from a PE tubular reel, with a maximum capacity of 2,000 bags/hour.

For the clients who prefer to use pre-made open mouth bags made from paper, PE or woven polypropylene, the answer is the Starpack® machines reaching up to 1,600 bags/hour.

Particularly effective for fertilizers are the Concetti bulk bag installations.
This type of machine is used to bag fertilizers in big bags ranging from 400 to 1200 kg, made of woven polypropylene with internal liner (single loop or four loops) and can guarantee capacities up to 100 bags/hour.

Due to the particularly aggressive nature of chemical fertilizers, the materials employed for the manufacture of these installations are of extra high quality, with a wide use of stainless INOX AISI 304 or 316L steel for all parts in contact with the product. These may be subjected to additional treatments to reduce even further the possibility of corrosion. 

Choosing a bagging line by Concetti Group is a guarantee of packing fertilizers with high speed, absolute weighing accuracy and long-lasting reliability.

Antrhopomorphic robot palletizer
Antrhopomorphic robot palletizer

Antrhopomorphic robot palletizer

Ippe2016 Atlanta (GA-USA) 
January 30 - February 1, 2018
PowderBulkSolids2016 Rosemont (IL-USA)
April 24-26, 2018 | booth 4116
PackExpo2016Chicago (IL-USA)
October 14-17, 2018 | booth 4642

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