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CONCETTI NORTH AMERICA Corp. is a branch of the CONCETTI Group.

CONCETTI NORTH AMERICA Corp. is based in Hoschton, Georgia, and is established to guarantee of efficient after-sales servicing.


The Concetti Group, which has manufactured packaging machinery on an industrial scale since 1968, boasts of a family tradition in the mechanical field that dates to the turn of the twentieth century. In 1918, Domenico Concetti - the grandfather of the current heads of the company - opened a small shop where he started to make agricultural equipment: plows, equipment drawn by animals, and hand pumps to draw from depths of up to 30 meters.

He used a hammer, which was one of the first in the area: it was a rare sight back then, and people would come from the outlying areas to see it.

In 1928, the shop expanded when Domenico was joined by his sons Luigi and Francesco. The latter was the father of the current owners, Teodoro and Giuseppe.

Francesco was gifted with uncommon genius and skill.

In 1936, understanding that a new world was advancing and new horizons were opening up, he decided to leave his father’s shop to branch out on his own. He opened a shop that made centrifugal pumps used to irrigate farmland, internal-combustion engines to run them and, in the Forties, vaporizers to transform oil, carbon and wood into fuel for internal-combustion engines used for transportation and agriculture.

His son Teodoro gained experience working with a local milling, pasta and animal-feed industry.

In 1968, he laid the foundations for the Concetti, creating and patenting the first machines for bagging bulk products.

In 1974, Giuseppe Concetti joined his brother and the foundations were laid for a modern company: the staff grew from 6 to 12 employees and the available human resources began to be utilized effectively and systematically.

In 1975, the company felt it was important to give customers a different type of service – one that few companies can boast of even today – by supplying turnkey systems, from the weigher to the sewing line, bag-feeder, closing line and palletizer.

Always looking ahead, in the early Eighties the Concetti decided to turn to electronics: the use of computers greatly streamlined company management, while the use of PLCs to control mechanical drives has led to important developments in the plants that the company designs.

The desire to face new challenges and continue to satisfy customer requirements has led the companies in the Concetti Group to develop an important series of different machines.

This equipment has given the group top-level know-how and has allowed it to continue to improve the technical solutions it can offer.

Throughout its history, the Concetti Group has taken to heart all the values important to the founding family: a focus on change, ongoing improvement, looking ahead to the future, research, professionalism, high-quality products and customer service.

Its deep respect for these values and its focus on excellence in its work over the years have helped make the Concetti Group a leader in Europe and around the world when it comes to packaging bulk products.

Ippe2016 Atlanta (GA-USA) 
January 30 - February 1, 2018
PowderBulkSolids2016 Rosemont (IL-USA)
April 24-26, 2018 | booth 4116
PackExpo2016Chicago (IL-USA)
October 14-17, 2018 | booth 4642

Concetti Group Worldwide

The Concetti Group is present in over 46 countries with a network of qualified agents who can offer customers the assistance they need for studying appropriate production solutions, technical support, personnel training and the supply of spare parts.



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