Carousel Systems

This innovative solution developed for the Concetti FIBC filling system permits high throughputs that can reach up to 100 FIBCs/hour.
Several bagging mouths pass in sequence under the discharge hopper of the weighing system (net weighing system): for each FIBC being filled, another one is in the process of being placed under another bagging mouth and another one is ready to be removed by the evacuation roller conveyor. An automatic empty-pallet magazine is also available.


  • Air inflow to facilitate opening the FIBC.
  • Vibrating platform to help settle the contents inside the FIBC.
  • Dust-suction unit.
BIG BAG Carousel system
BIG BAG Carousel system

BIG BAG Carousel system
Tying system for Big Bag


Production  up to 100 b/h
Big bag height  900 - 1800 mm
Operating system   PLC
Power supply   380 V- 50 Hz
Compressed-air consumption   30 Nl/cycle
Big bag type  2 , 4 risers, candy-like or full mouth
PackExpo2016Las Vegas, Nevada (IL-USA)
September 25-27, 2017

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