STARPACK High speed bagging systems

The Concetti Group has designed the STARPACK® for high hourly production needs.

The machine design features a monobloc structure complete with protective doors, making it particularly compact and safe and because of its limited space requirements, the STARPACK® can be installed in any existent operating environment.

STARPACK® can be coupled with net weighers using gravity feed systems.

STARPACK® is extremely versatile, as it can work with a variety of bag types and sizes and the format-change operations can be handled in an extremely short amount of time, without any operator invention thanks to actuators and the supervision operations performed by the PLC.

STARPACK® is equipped with bag-storage trolleys with two compartments to hold the piles of empty bags. When the pile runs out, the second one is moved forward to the work position and the machine can quickly resume operations, without any operator intervention or downtime. The compartment that has been freed can then be filled again.

STARPACK® comes complete with safety devices compliant with the current EC regulations.


  • Contact parts in stainless steel.
  • Dust collection systems.
  • Multi-position motorised bag magazine.
  • Self-adjusting bag magazine.
  • Automatic bag feeding device for individual bags.
  • Device for the de-aeration of product in the full bag.
  • Labelling device for pre-printed labels and printed in real time on empty bags.
  • Ticket applicator for pre-printed tickets or from continuous modules sewn into the full bag.
  • Ink-jet printer for bag coding with alpha-numerical characters and bar codes.
  • Forming device for bags made using a PE tubular reel.-Design to operate in Atex-classified areas.
Starpack Bagging Machine with FFS module
Starpack Bagging Machine with FFS module

Starpack Bagging Machine with FFS module
Starpack 1200
Starpack NetG
Starpack bagging machine with high level palletiser

Technical Data

Max. speed STARPACK® 1200 b/h - STARPACK® 1600 b/h Depending on the characteristics of the product to be bagged.
Weighing range 10-50 kg
Bag-storage trolley capacity 250
Operating system PLC
Power supply 380 V- 50 Hz
Compressed-air consumption 160 Nl/cycle
Installed power: STARPACK® 1200 15 Kw / STARPACK® 1600 26 Kw
  • Plain stitch
  • Fold and stitch
  • Stitch through crepe tape
  • Stitch with application of adhesive tape (double or single over the top application)
  • Heat-sealing
  • Hot melt glue

Combination of all the different closures. 

Bag type
  • Open mouth.
  • Pre-made or from PE tubular reel.
  • Flat or with gussets.
  • Standard pillow bag or block/cross bottom bag.
  • With or without handle.

Bag dimensions

Width:  300 - 600 mm  | Gussets:  35 - 90 mm
Length: 600 - 1100 mm
Bag material
  • Paper
  • Coated paper
  • Paper with liner
  • PE
  • PET
  • Alluminate
  • Rafia
  • Coated rafia
  • WPP
  • Laminated WPP
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