In the range of robot palletizers made by the Concetti Group, the anthropomorphic palletizer represents the fastest and most versatile model for the point – to – point  moving.

The robot palletizer can handle bags containing stable, aerated or powdery products, permitting the partial overlapping of the bags in the layer  both on top and alongside, offering flexible format changes.

Its extreme simplicity makes it possible to palletize even on pallets sitting directly on the floor.

The machine features a long hinged arm installed on a rotating platform permitting a fast and accurate moving on the 4 axis. A multi-function revolving pincer, outfitted for different kinds of manufacturing, has been installed on the arm pit.  
The horizontal arm skews and bends to the necessary height so that the pincer can pick up the bags from the bag in-feed roller conveyor and then rises to permit the central body free rotation.

The pincer, revolving on its own axis, places the bag in the position set by the programmed palletizing pattern.

The arm is positioned at the required height and the pincer opens to place the bag on the pallet to be formed.
At this point, the machine returns to the starting point and is ready for a new cycle.

This particular special construction solution gives the anthropomorphic palletizers unique features:

  • Versatility, flexibility and manoeuvrability thanks to its joystick-equipped operator keyboard  
  • Possibility of palletizing from several pickup points, in order to handle bags from different bagging lines in one or more palletizing points. 
  • Possibility of palletizing on pallets sitting directly on the floor. 
  • Very compact size. This system can be installed also in those premises where it wouldn’t be possible the positioning of a standard palletizer.

The machine features a PC-controlled operating system. Through special programs, the machine can virtually perform any type of palletizing program.

The format and program changes are carried out automatically and very quickly.

The anthropomorphic palletizer comes complete with safety devices compliant with current EC standards.

Antrhopomorphic robot palletizer
Antrhopomorphic robot palletizer

Antrhopomorphic robot palletizer
Articulated palletising robot for cartons
Palletising Robot Okura
Robot antropomorfo
Robot for cartons


Maximum speed 1200 s/h
Workable bag weights up to 50 kg
Minimum pallet dimensions 800 x 1200 mm
Maximum pallet dimensions 1100 x 1500 mm
Maximum palletized load height 1800 mm, including pallet height
Maximum full pallet weight 2000 kg
Operating system PC industriale
Power supply 220/380 V - 50 Hz


  • Pick-up pincer - can be equipped with hooks for the empty pallets moving, for the sheet-feeder on empty pallet or between layers and for different kinds of bags.
  • Automatic empty pallets magazine.
  • Cardboard or Moplefan sheets magazine.
  • Bags piling roller conveyor and filled bags evacuation roller conveyor.

N.B. the data reported in the chart have to be considered indicative, depending on the specific features of every single machine

Ippe2016 Atlanta (GA-USA) 
January 30 - February 1, 2018
PowderBulkSolids2016 Rosemont (IL-USA)
April 24-26, 2018 | booth 4116
PackExpo2016Chicago (IL-USA)
October 14-17, 2018 | booth 4642

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