The four-column robot palletizer features a pincer that moves along three Cartesian axes as it rotates around its vertical axis.

This permits trouble-free handling of bags that are not completely filled or that contain aerated or powdery material, guaranteeing outstanding flexibility.

The Concetti machine consists of a rigid structure.

Sliding on the structure vertically is a frame with an incorporated pincer, bag infeed roller conveyor and two sliding trapdoors that act as the layer-formation platform.
The pincer takes one bag at a time from the roller conveyor and places it on the platform, at a point assigned by the palletizing program.

Once the bag has been deposited, the pincer returns to the starting position, ready for the next bag.

Since the bags can be placed in any position on the layer-formation platform, the bags can also be overlapped partially along the top or the side, thus giving good stability and shape to the palletized load, regardless of their shape and type (valve, open-mouth, paper, raffia, PE, etc.), how full they are or the type of material they contain.

Once a layer has been completed, it is compacted on all four sides and the trapdoors open to unload the layer onto the pallet being formed.

After this operation, the frame is elevated by the thickness of the layer and the trap doors close again in order to palletize the next layer.

After the trapdoors have closed, the frame can descend slightly to press the upper surface of the layer that was just transferred to the pallet.
The completed pallets are removed by the evacuation roller conveyor and transferred to the finished pallet parking roller conveyor.

Program changes are automatic and take just a few seconds, guided by the PLC and the actuators installed on the machine.

This makes it possible to handle different formats or use different palletizing patterns in a very flexible manner.

The machine comes complete with an automatic empty-pallet magazine, an evacuation roller conveyor and a parking roller conveyor for the finished pallets.

The four-column robot palletizer comes complete with safety devices compliant with current EC standards.

Four column robot palletizer
Four column robot palletizer

Four column robot palletizer


Maximum speed 550 - 900 b/h, depending on the version
Workable bag weights up to 50 kg
Minimum pallet dimensions 800 x 1200 mm
Maximum pallet dimensions 1100 x 1400 mm
Maximum palletized load height 1750 (with option up to  2550 mm), including pallet height
Maximum full pallet weight 2000 kg
Operating system PLC
Power supply 380 V - 50 Hz


  • Bag-press on service belt conveyor.
  • Dispenser for placing cardboard or Moplefan sheets on the pallets.
  • Dispenser of plastic sheets taken directly from a reel of paper or PE (to prevent moisture).
  • Dispenser for placing a plastic mesh sheet between the different layers.
  • Infeed belt conveyor with lift.
  • Adjustment of the pressing phase on the top surface of the layer.
  • Parts in contact with the bag (rollers, plates, etc.) in stainless steel.
  • Teflon finish of the trapdoors for working with plastic bags.

NOTE: The information listed in the chart is strictly indicative and will depend on the specific features of each machine.

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