Eight tips to choose a fully automatic process

A fully automatic process:

1. Must obviously generate a payback that results in enough revenue or savings to pay for the equipment in a reasonable length of time, usually 2 years..
2. Usually generates significant payback by reducing labor costs since only one operator is required to run the entire packaging system.
3. Can make significant savings in packaging material costs that will also contribute towards the payback.
4. Will improve productivity meaning an increased output in the same amount of time so sharing your fixed costs over a greater number of units or reducing the number of shifts worked, consequently, the number of man hours worked.
5. Accurate weighing of the product can contribute significantly to payback simply by reducing the amount of product "giveaway" all too common.
6. Automatic palletizing machines increase payback not only eliminating labor but also by eliminating cost of injures due to continuous manual lifting and stacking heavy bags..
7. Will improve the appearance of the finished pallet making it more esthetically appealing and will secure the load for shipping making for very satisfied customers
8. Does not always need to be justified by a high annual production rate. Even low output lines can benefit from full or even partial automation. 

Go with an affordable supplier providing customized added value solutions. Do not choose your supplier only based on price but consider the customization needed to package your materials the correct way, location of after-sales service, and the speed of delivery of spare parts. 

John Elegreet
Customer manager
Concetti North America Corp.