Form-Fill-Seal Systems from Tubular Reel

FFS CONTINUA is CONCETTI's innovative fully automatic bag filling and sealing machine: forms, fills and seals bags made from a reel of tubular thermoplastic material - ergo the acronym FFS, for Forming-Filling-Sealing. The use of tubular plastic instead of readymade bags offers a notable economic advantage for the customer, since it reduces manpower requirements and ensures continuous plant use. Moreover, the tubular plastic costs less than readymade bags, so that the purchase cost of the machinery is recovered in just a short time.

Because of their smaller size and compact features, the FFS machines from the CONTINUA family can be installed in any existing production environment.
The Form Fill and Seal machine is extremely versatile and can work with flat or gusseted reels with different widths and materials, both PE and PP.
As the reel is unwound, it furnishes a section of tubular plastic that is the right length to form the bag. The first unit cuts the film to the desired length and seals the bottom of the bag.
The bag is then filled and the upper bag edge is sealed.
The length of the bag can be set either through the PLC (it can also be varied while the machine is operating) or through the photocell reading of a notch on the plastic.
The operating phases and the changeover of the machine operating parameters are PLC-assisted and can be completed in a very short amount of time, without any operator intervention, thanks to the actuators mounted on the machine.

The Form Fill and Seal machines from the Concetti Group's CONTINUA range can be designed to work with aggressive and corrosive products, with the entire structure made of stainless steel.
The machines from the CONTINUA range come complete with inspection doors and safety devices that comply with current EC regulations.


Concetti Forza 2600


Ultra high level production capacity and cutting-edge features place the Concetti FFS Forza at the pinnacle of form-fill-seal technology using a tubular reel.
Output: 2.600 (25kg) bags/h.


FFS E aisi


This Form Fill and Seal machine is designed to reach very high capacity outputs, over 2000 bags/hour, according to the product characteristics.


Continua 1200


It has three operating stations: one to form the bottom of the bag and cut the film to the desired length, the second one for filling and the third one for sealing the upper bag edge.

CONTINUA with zip applicator



Among the latest developments is one that will be of interest to users looking to reduce the cost of packaging while increasing flexibility.
Concetti can now offer its customers a patented, integrated, on-line reclosable zip applicator for ordinary plastic bags without the need to buy expensive pre-formed zip bags.

CONTINUA six linear bagging positions



Specifically designed for handling fine premix and pure cement into hermetic PE bags.