Bulk Bag Fillers: Jumbo Bag / Big Bag Filling Systems

Bulk Bag Fillers - also called Jumbo bag / big bag filling systems - are automatic weighing and filling systems for FIBCs (jumbo bags ranging from 500 to 1500 kg).

Every FIBC filling machine is distinguished by its high-precision weighing and capacity to handle any type of product: powders, pellets, chemicals, food products, etc.

The characteristics of the product will essentially determine the type of feed system, which can be gravity, belt or screw types.

The operator will be responsible solely for setting the empty FIBC in the filling position.

Several different automatic filling system solutions are available, depending on the required features:

Gross weighing systems



The hydraulically driven vertical movement of the frame makes it possible to handle different types of FIBC formats without any difficulty, thereby guaranteeing great versatility (FIBCs ranging in size from 900 to 1800 mm).

Net weighing systems



Simple and versatile, they fill not only FIBCs of various sizes (heights of 900 to 1800 mm) but can also be used for boxes or other types of containers (octabins).