The robot palletizers feature a pincer that picks up one bag at a time from the service roller conveyor and places it at a point assigned by the program. Since the pincer can handle any type of bag, the layer- and pallet-formation process is not affected by either the type or shape of the bag (valve, open-mouth, paper, raffia, PE, etc.) nor by how full the bag is or the kind of product it contains: this means outstanding palletizing flexibility.

The robot palletizers can handle different formats with different palletizing patterns, particularly bags from 5 to 50 kg containing aerated or unstable products, with overlapping of the bags along the side or the end.
Format and palletizing pattern changes are done automatically and take just a few seconds, working through the PLC and the actuators mounted on the equipment.

Depending on the speed to be achieved, the level of automation required by the customer and the amount of space available for installation, the Concetti Group can offer different types of robot palletizers:


Sistemidipalettizzazione monocolonna


Single-column Palletizer

Sistemidipalettizzazione duecolonne


Two-column Palletizer 

Sistemidipalettizzazione quattrocolonne


Four-column Palletizer 

Sistemidipalettizzazione doppio


Double Deck Palletizer

Sistemidipalettizzazione quattrocolonne


Gantry Style



The robot palletizers come complete with safety devices compliant with EC standards.