Push-type palletizers are machines designed to palletize full and stable bags with a well-defined shape.
The operating cycle of this machine has three basic phases: formation of the bag rows, their grouping to form a layer, and the loading of the layer on the pallet being formed. Push-type palletizers also permit compacting and pressing of the layer.
As these operations take place, the movement of the bag within the machines in this family is handled by pushing and orienting mechanisms.

Depending on how the layers are transferred to the pallet, push-type palletizers can be distinguished as follows:

Sistemidipalettizzazione dallalto


High-level push-type palletizers: the layer is formed over the pallet and is then placed on it.

Sistemidipalettizzazione dalbasso


Low-level push-type palletizers: the layer is formed below, on the pallet level, raised over the pallet and then placed on top of the pallet being formed.


The push-type palletizers made by the Concetti Group come complete with safety devices compliant with current EC standards.